QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool- Download & Install

Quickbooks Comes with various tools that help you to troubleshoot some common issues that occur while using the Quickbooks Software. The quickbooks connection diagnostic tool troubleshoots the network and server errors and corruption of Quickbooks company file. In order to create a proper connection between the quickbooks software, Quickbooks company file, and the database manager, the connection diagnostic tool resolves the issues that create hindrance in the connection. One of the key advantages of this tool is that it helps to troubleshoot H and 6000 series errors that occur when you try to open a Company file in Quickbooks Desktop.QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Introduction

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

When you use the Quickbooks software in multi-user mode, there are several cases where you may encounter errors when multiple users are trying to access the same company file. The Connection diagnostic tool helps you to troubleshoot these kinds of errors. The tool provides the solution to troubleshoot Quickbooks Network and Multi-user associated errors. You need to simply run the tool and it will automatically detect and troubleshoot the error.

  • You can use the Quickbooks file Doctor tool if you are using the Quickbooks 2016 version. However, you can use the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool if you are using the latest release of the Quickbooks software. In this article, we have explained the usage of the connection diagnostic tool with the latest release of the Quickbooks software.
  • One more that needs to be considered that you can’t use the Quickbooks file doctor tool for Quickbooks in Mac. It is only supported in Quickbooks for windows.

 The diagnostic tool can troubleshoot both the H-series and 6000 series errors to create a proper connection among the database manager, quickbooks, and the company file in Quickbooks.

In order to use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool, you must have Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Newer version and Quickbooks Enterprise 8.0 edition and later version.

What are the issues that Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool troubleshoots?

  • Unable to access the Quickbooks Database.
  • Configure the issue of the Windows firewall.
  • Vendors and customer lists become empty.
  • Missing entries in the employee list.
  • Malicious file in the Quickbooks
  • Corrupted and damaged company files.

Follow the Steps to Install Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • If you have previously installed the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool then you need to remove it from your device first.
  • Now visit the OEM website and download the tool from there.
  • After downloading it Double-click on the tool icon and follow all the prompted instructions carefully to install the tool.
  • While installing the software, you may encounter some errors. If you have windows 10 OS, then make sure the .Net Framework is configured properly.
  • After completing the installation process the software will automatically start on the screen.
  • If it doesn’t start automatically then simply double-click on the green icon on the desktop.

How to Use the Connection Diagnostic Tool?QuickBooks tool

In order to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Connection errors, Double-click on the tool icon to open it and then follow the given steps below.

Diagnose Tab: With this tab, you will be able to evaluate whether the configuration required to access the company file is configured properly or not. If the required permissions are not allowed and the ports are blocked, then you can encounter an error.

Firewall Status: This option lets you know about the basic functionalities of the Firewall.

Test Connectivity: this allows you to check the network connection of your workstation to find the cause of the error.

How to Check Computers connectivity?

  • Choose the company file by pressing the button near the company file field.
  • If the network setup is in alternate mode then you have to use the Linux systems only and mark the change hosting server checkbox.
  • Make sure to check all the status are appearing as Not Applicable in the blue box.

Once you will start the test then the status will turn into either Green or red. Where Green denotes No threats found and red denotes problem detected.

  • After this choose the test connectivity option.
  • If the Open status of the file showing red then it means test failed. In that case, you can click on the advanced option to check the data that have been checked.
  • After this choose the “What does this mean option”.
  • After fixing all the relevant issues not run the tool again.
  • Once you get a message on the screen that the process is completed then repeat the above steps in all the computer where quickbooks is installed.
  • The above process can take time, hence you have to keep patience while running the too.

If you have any queries regarding the Quickbooks Connection diagnostic tool then you can contact professionals at Quickbooks.

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